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MT4/MT5 is frozen, what should I do?

MT4/MT5 usually freezes when it is trying to run too many processes all at once. Here are some reasons for that:

  1.  Could be an error in the code of an indicator or robot you added to your chart. Try closing MT4/MT5 and opening it back up. If it continues to freeze, try removing the indicator from the chart. If you can't remove the indicator from the chart because it freezes too quickly, close MT4/MT5 and go into the folder containing the robot or indicator and delete it from the folder and re-open MT4.
  2. Could be too many charts open at the same time, or it could be too many charts that have the same indicator (if the indicator is memory-intensive). Try changing the "Max bars in chart" parameter (located at Tools - Charts) to something much smaller and restart MT4/MT5.
  3.  Your computer may not have sufficient memory for MT4/MT5 to be running, or MT4/MT5 may have been running too long. In either case, close MT4/MT5 and open it back up, and see if the problem persists. If it continues to be a problem, try running MT4/MT5 on a VPS and see if that helps.
  4. It could be your internet connection, restart your modem and computer.
  5. Having too many MT4/MT5 terminals can also cause your computer ram to be low and reduce the performance of your computer. If multiple MT4/MT5 terminals are used, please get a VPS.

If none of the above helps. Please provide us with the below information to assist you with this issue...

  1. As soon as you detect the freeze. Please take an immediate screenshot or more so make a video.
  2. Also, try to take a photo or make a video of the error.
  3. Then let us know if it was the mobile or computer MT4/MT5 platform.
  4. Lastly, provide us with your trading account number.

In conclusion, you can email it to [email protected] or WhatsApp at +27 (0) 81 288 2659 or via our LiveChat found in your client area.